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3 Useful Firefox Addons

Firefox is a great browser out of the box. But adding these three add-ons will greatly enhance almost everyone’s browsing experience. Ever seen an amazing YouTube video that you wished you could have downloaded? Or clicked on a web link only to be bombarded by ads and pop-ups? Ever been reading a website and came […]

Starting Your Own Website Using WordPress

Starting your own website using WordPress can be simple, fun and financially lucrative. offers a customizable blog format that can be used directly from the WordPress website, much like Blogger or Weblog, all downloaded to your own hosted web space for full customization. When you operate a self-hosted WordPress blog, you have much more […]

Preparing for the Worst: Computer Backups

Backups are the sort of thing you know you should have, but few people actually make. After all, most people haven’t experienced catastrophic hardware failure – but that’s changing. Computers are commonplace, and more and more people are working off their desktops or laptops. A catastrophic hardware failure can result in hours of lost work […]

3 Sites That Offer Free High-Quality Stock Photos

Internet users have short attention spans. They also have a tendency to multitask. As a site owner, this can pose a problem for you because you are limited to a one-to-five-second critical window to grab your reader’s attention. Including key facts at the beginning of the article and streamlining your paragraphs to two to three […]

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