Create Your Own eBook Cover With The Creator 7

Most publishing experts will warn you against creating your own eBook cover… with good reason: After all, the cover is an important part to self-publishing success.

However, due to budget restraints or just wanting more control over your design, some indie publishers may feel they want to give it a shot anyway.

Creating An eBook Cover Using The Creator 7

Creating your own eBook cover is really not as hard as you might think. Even if you feel you lack creativity.

Below is a short video tutorial on how to create your own book cover using “The Creator 7” and an example book cover I created using this method.

Example Cover Below

create your own ebook cover


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Hiring A Ghostwriter – Things To Watch Out For

Most people hire ghostwriters because they don’t have either the writing expertise or the time to get their masterpiece down on paper. Hiring a ghostwriter requires a little bit of homework and preparation. Several factors should be considered before you sign on the dotted line. Continue reading Hiring A Ghostwriter – Things To Watch Out For

The Kindle Publishing Boat Has Sailed

ebook publishing gold

Are you thinking you may have missed the kindle publishing boat?

The first short non fiction book I published on KDP is still making a good income – that one book is still paying me for the little bit of effort I put into writing it almost 3 years ago.

If you visit the KDP Select forum one of the common topics talked about at the moment is that the eBook publishing boat may have sailed and kindle publishing is on it’s way out. Opportunity boats are always sailing, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be another one to sail in and pick you up.

I guarantee there will be people who haven’t even written their first book who will one day be published and make much more money than any of us are making right now. Opportunity is always coming along, you just have to be ready to grab it.

Amazon sales are HUGE and there is always someone at the top, in the top 10, 100… places where you can be too. Success doesn’t come to those who don’t do the right things unless they’re lucky and luck doesn’t last forever.

If you think your ship has sailed… then make things happen for you by doing things better.

  • Write better books.
  • Create better book covers.
  • Target better readers.
  • Get your books edited properly.
  • Write better blurbs.

There’s a whole lot of people waiting to see what you have to show them. The buying public is massive and there is still plenty of room for you to get a piece of that pie.

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Adult Coloring Books The Latest Trend

Step aside, intricate designs for adult coloring bookskids… adult summer camps are also becoming commonplace. Adult coloring books are taking the world by storm and seems to be riding a wave of nostalgia. In the top 20 best-selling books on Amazon right now is, a coloring book. Johanna Basford’s “Secret Garden,” has sold around 1.4 million copies worldwide. The books are inspiring such a buzz that lists of favorite adult coloring books are popping up on sites like Huffington Post

With intricate patterns and beautiful designs, coloring books are obviously geared towards the dexterous fingers of adults. Offering them a way back to their childhood. This new hobby replaces knitting and sewing in the good old days. It’s the equivalent of taking a walk.

What Do Adult Coloring Books Mean For You?

I’m not claiming to be an expert on the whole adult coloring book craze, but I can definitely see the potential. If you’ve been around awhile, you’ll appreciate that writing books (that sell) is not easy. Sometimes, so much so that many people just give up. Now that’s not to say that kindle publishing is dead and buried, you can still make a profitable income stream from kindle books, but it does require time and a lot of work.

Kindle or Paperback

If you’re not aware, most of the top adult coloring books are sold in the paperback version. Now, if you want to jump onto the coloring book band wagon, then the kindle option is the other alternative. Mainly (I say) because it allows you to test the waters first, and it’s a lot cheaper to get started. If your book begins to gain popularity, you can switch it up and publish it through CreateSpace as a paperback.

How Do You Color In An eBook?

In your newly created coloring book for adults you insert a link to a downloadable printable PDF version.

UEC can also convert the completed book into a password protected PDF file.

But I’m Not An Artist?

Now days, you can virtually outsource any type of project. If you’re not artistically inclined, don’t worry. Sites like offer a range of graphic designers and artists that can do your illustrations for you, but if you prefer to go it alone, you can grab royalty free images and upload them to free image editing sites, PhotoFunia for example. There you can edit your images into color-able sketches.





Writing A Book? Grab Your Reader’s Attention

writing techniquesAside from writing a book with great content and choosing a profitable niche, there are several other ways to maximize your chance’s of making your book stand out.

The title and cover are the first things people will notice about your book. So you want to create buy-worthy titles and covers that grab your readers’ attention.

Writing A Book Title

The title should have these characteristics:

  • Evoke curiosity so that people will want to click just to find out what the book is about.
  • Highlight the benefits so people know how it will help them such as How to… 5 Ways to… or Find out How…
  • Stir emotion. Your title should evoke some form of emotion – excitement, fear, hope. etc.
  • Catch the reader’s eye and be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Voice easily. The title should contain words that are easy to pronounce and remember.

Your book should actually deliver what the title says.

The Book Cover

The cover is the first thing that draws the eye. The cover should have an element that grabs attention – the color, the text, the design, or something else.

A cover should also:

  • Be clearly recognized as a thumbnail.
  • Make the reader feel something instead of telling them something.
  • Know who your audience is.
  • Avoid cliché images like piggy-banks, dollar signs, or skinny models.

Writing A Book Description

Book descriptions that sell:


  • Give a hint about the plot.
  • Use words that evoke images and speak to your audience.
  • Talk briefly about your main characters.
  • Give an idea of the plot setting.
  • List a question or hint at the mystery to be solved or answered that draws the reader in.
  • Over-emphasize, magnify, or exaggerate the plot.
  • Give quotes about the book from reviews.
  • The length should be around 150 words, excluding author bio.
  • Include an about the author blurb.


  • Make the first sentence a standout headline that quickly compels them to read the rest of the description.
  • Make it personal. Explain clearly, why someone interested in the topic must read your book.
  • Describe how the book will benefit the reader after putting the tips to use.
    Give detailed benefits of what the reader will get from the book.

If you are having trouble writing a book description, write it as if you were reviewing someone else’s book.







Change Is A Good Thing

Whenever anything changes there’s always a bunch of people who go into panic mode. When Amazon announced they were changing how Kindle Unlimited payments were to be paid all hell broke loose. People in the forums spent days talking about it to the detriment of their writing. Some wondered whether they should write longer books and others thought they should write shorter books. Some wanted to change all their plans even though they didn’t have all the information to make a decision.

Some people simply don’t like change and some embrace change, because with every change comes opportunity. I was pleased to see that Amazon has FINALLY sorted out how they will be paying people for their KU books.

Good books will make money and the rubbish will disappear because it won’t give the rubbish-makers the income they have managed to steal from genuine writers so far. When the junk disappears the good stuff will have an easier rise to the top – and it will stay there longer. Good stuff, meaning any story that is well written, well presented and gives the readers what they want… entertainment.

Good stuff means… long books, short books, medium length books. Length doesn’t matter because you will be getting paid on what the reader reads. Don’t get caught up in the NOISE that is distracting you from getting your quality books published and available for the readers who won’t have to sift through the junk that has been distracting them from you.

Tips For The Writer

  • Try not to edit and revise as you go
  • Allow time to pass before revising
  • Ask yourself what the reader cares about


Finding your Target Market Using Yasiv

YASIV is a free online tool, and stands for “Yet Another Similar Items Visualization.” It’s a cool way to look at the connections and relative popularity between a best seller book in its category, against the other books in the same category. I’ve been using Yasiv to identify my target market in a specific niche and also uncover targeted book titles. I call these best seller books “target books.”

The more connections your book has, the more likely it will “stay afloat” and not sink like a stone. We’ve all seen this happen after our book has a KDP Select free day. It does well, but two weeks later it has sunk into oblivion. Therefore, you want to connect your book to a target book.

Finding Our Target Book

In this post I’m going to show you how to find a target book. Because understanding the concept that our target book is built on, will help us identify our target market and create a great book with that same concept. Note – KindleSpy is a great tool to use in conjunction with Yasiv

First, we’re going to go to the Amazon kindle store and click on best sellers. Then we’re going to choose a category. For this example, I’m going to choose the self-help category and look at the top three best sellers in that category. We want to find a target book that meets our requirements – these are:

  • An Amazon best seller rank 500 or less
  • A decent amount of reviews with at least a 4 star rating
  • And a price tag above $2.99

The target book I chose is called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.” This is what I found:

  • An Amazon best seller rank of #64
  • 1741 reviews with a 4.4 star average
  • A price tag of $9.86

So why do we need to know these details?

Because sometimes a book is not very well connected. It may have had a big promotional push behind it. We want to connect our book to a real target book, a book that has many connections and sales. Target books are proven best sellers. They are books people want and are willing to pay for.

Identifying Our Target Market

Our next step is to visit and enter our target books ASIN number into the search box (you can also enter the book title) This will bring up a visual graph with our target book in the center and all the related books that are connected to it.

target market using yasiv

We want to find the relation between our target book and the books connected to it. What are the themes? Do the books have something in common? Two books are connected because of a common theme, or combination of themes.

Below are the titles of seven books connected to our target book. For this example I’ve researched seven books (I usually research at least 10-15 connected books)

  1. Habit Stacking For Cleaning and Organizing: How to organize, clean and keep your home spotless
  2. A Clutter Free Life: The life changing magic of tidying up and living an organized life
  3. Organization: The Life Changing Magic of Order: Best techniques known to mankind
  4. One Year to an Organized Life: From your closets to your finances, the weekly guide to getting completely organized for good
  5. The Clutter Diet: The skinny on organizing your home and taking control of your life
  6. Stuffocation: Why we’ve had enough of stuff and need experience more that ever
  7. The Life Changing Magic of Cluttering Up: A meditation on meanings in messes

Our target book is titled – “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.”Take a look at the results of the books that surrounded our target book. What are their topics? They are:

  • How to be organized in your life
  • How to keep the home clutter free
  • life changing strategies to being tidy and organized

So what does this tell us about our target market?

This tells us that we have (more than likely, women) who are dissatisfied or frustrated with themselves, because they aren’t able to “do it all.” They maybe balancing raising a family with a full-time career. They feel disorganized, and out of control. Their solution is to get more organized, more systematic in order to take the pressure off themselves.

We now know the psychology of our target market, therefore we know the exact types of books they are looking for. We also know that these women are currently buying these books.

Connecting to our Target Book

Now, we can create a book specifically designed to connect to our target book. We simply take the core theme and mix it with the theme of the books directly surrounding our target book. Here are some example titles.

  • A Working Woman’s Guide to Keeping Organized and Clutter Free
  • Life Changing Strategies to a Clutter Free Home
  • The New Working Woman: Organized and Stress Free

Buy the target book or even another couple of books connected to it. Research them, find out what makes these books tick? find the main common theme they all share and then you’ll be able to write your book (in your own words) that shares the same major theme the target book and connected books share. You’ll have a great keyword rich book title as well.

I know this example is based on non-fiction books, but you can also apply this method to fiction books. Even if you have an existing book already published, the data you get from doing this research you can use to tweak your existing book. You could rehash it slightly so that the theme of your book connects with the target book or even change your book title to include the keywords that you uncover.


Formatting Tips Using The Ultimate eBook Creator

If you’ve read any of the articles I’ve posted about the Ultimate eBook Creator, you will have know that I’m a big fan of it. I also endorse it as one of the best eBook creation tools available on the market today and I stand by everything I say about the UEC.

Kindle Publishing is a great platform for indie authors and having the right tool for the right job is important. If you’re familiar with Amazons KDP Select program, you will know that it has it’s own forum (The community tab) where self publishing authors can go and ask questions, give advice etc. I don’t visit the forum often, but when I do, I sometimes pick up some handy bits of information. One of the most common questions asked in the forum, is about formatting, usually to do with using MS Word. Continue reading Formatting Tips Using The Ultimate eBook Creator

The Ultimate eBook Creator – A Real User Review

Whether you’re new to self-publishing or an established indie author. Creating a properly formatted eBook, can be time consuming and frustrating. The Ultimate eBook Creator will save you time and take away the guess work when it comes to formatting.

As a self-publishing author your primary focus should be, to write. Once your book is finished you should have it edited/proof read. The final step is to make sure it is properly formatted, before uploading your novel to the likes of KDP Select or CreateSpace You can do the last step yourself if you’re confident with all the aspects of formatting. Or you can outsource the whole task and pay someone to do it for you. Either way it will involve time or money… or both.

The Ultimate eBook Creator is a software tool designed specifically for self-publishing authors and is one of the best tools on the market to date.

Why Do You Need The Ultimate eBook Creator?

If you’re happy using MS Word for example, you don’t need the Ultimate eBook Creator.  On the flip side, UEC gives you the ability to create properly formatted books that can be converted into the accepted files, like Mobi, ePub or PDF. Remember your primary focus is to write. The Ultimate eBook Creator will take care of all the other technical matters.

So What Is The Ultimate eBook Creator?

Simply put, this eBook Creator takes away all the complexities of formatting your book. It does this by generating clean XHTML code, where other software programs will convert MS Word documents with all the messy code still attached, which results in your eBook looking terrible. I have been using the Ultimate eBook Creator for quite sometime now. It’s become my “Go to tool” for all my kindle publishing campaigns.

See example below of the main interface

automated software on how to self publish a book

Main Features Of The Ultimate eBook Creator:

-Built in Professional WYSIWYG Editor
-MS Word Conversion Tool
-eBook File Generator, convert to Mobi, ePub or PDF format
-Photoshop Quality Image Optimizer
-Professional Writers Studio System

The Man Behind The Ultimate eBook Creator?

The person behind UEC is a guy called Nitin Mistry. The few occasions I’ve had dealing with Nitin, I’ve found him to be sincere. He seems very passionate about providing and maintaining a quality product and regularly seeks input from UEC users.

The tool itself is very slick and sports a super clean interface, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The Ultimate eBook Creator incorporates a ton of features, literally too many to discuss in this article. If you’re serious about getting into self-publishing the Ultimate eBook Creator is definitely worth taking a look at. There’s a lot of stuff covered on the official sales page, and it’s worth taking a bit of time to see how some of the features work before deciding if the Ultimate eBook Creator is for you.

Click here to visit the official website







Kindle Publishing Is It Still Worth It?

There seems to be a lot of commotion right now in the kindle-publishing world regarding the KDP Select program and if it’s still a model worth pursuing. With the shear volume of digital books being introduced every day by established indie authors and first time publishers, plus several changes to the way Amazon handles its KDP Program, a feeling of a saturated market is an opinion I suspect a growing number of people have… I’m not sure if it’s warranted.

I became interested in the whole kindle publishing frenzy some time ago, but only decided to get serious about it last year. It seemed like a great option to diversify my online business and I had always wanted to give it shot anyway. I published my first 36 page non fiction book at the end of October 2013.

Continue reading Kindle Publishing Is It Still Worth It?