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Formatting Tips Using The Ultimate eBook Creator

If you’ve read any of the articles I’ve posted about the Ultimate eBook Creator, you will have know that I’m a big fan of it. I also endorse it as one of the best eBook creation tools available on the market today and I stand by everything I say about the UEC.

Kindle Publishing is a great platform for indie authors and having the right tool for the right job is important. If you’re familiar with Amazons KDP Select program, you will know that it has it’s own forum (The community tab) where self publishing authors can go and ask questions, give advice etc. I don’t visit the forum often, but when I do, I sometimes pick up some handy bits of information. One of the most common questions asked in the forum, is about formatting, usually to do with using MS Word.

I don’t use “Word”… the Ultimate eBook Creator is my go-to tool. Purely because it’s easy to use, it keeps my kindle publishing campaigns neat and organized and MOST IMPORTANTLY it creates perfectly formatted eBooks without me having to know all the techie stuff. Below are two tips on how to set indents when using the Ultimate eBook Creator.

Indenting The First Word Of Each Chapter

By default (As far as I’m aware) if you haven’t already set indents, Amazon will automatically set them, which results in the first word of each chapter being indented. Personally, I think this looks awful. I prefer to have the first word of each chapter not indented and the rest of the following paragraphs indented.

So if you set the indents yourself, Amazon recognizes this and will leave your settings as is. Since Amazon automatically sets indents if it see’s there haven’t been any set, we need to set an indent for the first word of each chapter, but we set it as small as possible. By doing it this way Amazon leaves it alone, but we still get the desired result.

See Example Below

formatting tips and tricks

Indenting The First Word Of Each Paragraph

For the rest of the following paragraphs, we now want to set the first word of each paragraph with an indent of 5.0mm. This setting is my personal preference, so you can set whatever margin you feel looks better to you. I find that setting the indent at 5.0mm works great for me.

formatting and indents

I’ve found that using these indent margins my eBooks look good across most of the different types of e readers out there.

The Ultimate eBook Creator…the right tool for the right job




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