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Gearbubble Totally Unethical – Beware!

Awhile back I wrote a post titled Gearbubble Vs Merch By Amazon (since removed) which was written to compare the advantages Gearbubble offered in regards to using your designs on other products besides t-shirts, such as mugs, beanies etc that Merch by Amazon didn’t offer. I had already put up a handful of designs to test the waters with Gearbubble and for the following several months things went OK, I made some sales.

Then! out of the blue I received an email from Gearbubble that read:

Your Account Has Been Suspended

Hey there,

Unfortunately, your account has been put in “suspended” status.

We know this can be an inconvenience.

We usually only suspend accounts for very serious things. Copyright issues, breaking TOS, and things of that nature. Sometimes mistakes do happen. So if you feel that your account was suspended in error, please contact to discuss it with us.

I knew that none of my designs encroached copyright issues or broke Gearbubbles TOS rules, so I replied back with this email:


I received an email from Gearbubble advising me that my account has been suspended… can you please give the reason and details as to why my account has been suspended as I’m absolutely sure that none of my designs have broken any rules, but I notice that my campaigns are still being advertised on Gearbubbles platform?

Regards TK

They replied the very next day and I’ll give them credit for being prompt. The email read:

Hi TK,

Thank you for contacting GearBubble support. We apologize about your account. As much as I would like to answer your inquiry in detail or reinstate your account, we have a dedicated team handling that. Please do email for assistance and details regarding your account. Email responses will take 24-48 business hours.

Best regards,

Team GearBubble

So, I immediately sent an email (The original one I wrote) to the address they gave me……………….

It’s been almost three months now and no reply. My campaigns are still being advertised.


Things started off okay with a few sales coming in… then without any explanation my account is closed, contact has stopped, but my campaigns are still being advertised.

Gearbubble is totally unethical



1. lacking moral principles; unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct.

Beware! I say

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