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Some people are born to be writers. Others seem to be blessed with the discipline to get better. Mastering the skill of how to write a book with clear entertaining prose, is a talent, that for most of us, requires practice. We’ve read the stories about indie authors making it big overnight, but the reality is… that’s a very small group.

For 90% of self publishing authors, it takes perseverance and a lot of personal invested time to get their books written, edited and published. It’s an even harder slog convincing people to actually buy their books. The bubble of enthusiasm you had at the beginning of your self publishing journey, suddenly bursts when you soon realize that the whole self publishing game is not as straight forward as you may have assumed.

Although I had a basic knowledge of how things worked, and had already published 2 books in KDP Select… my whole approach to everything was basically taking educated guesses. I soon realized in order for me to get better at writing, I needed professional advice and training.

I signed up to Geoff Shaw’s Kindling Training Program about 9 months ago. The training program is quite extensive and very focused towards teaching you how to write books that sell.

What’s In The Kindling Training Program

Plenty… It would be fair to say the course covers just about everything you need to know that will equip you with the right mindset and strategies that will enable you to write, publish and market your books.

In saying that, when logging into the members area for the first time, your first impression may be one of being overwhelmed by the shear amount of information that is available. I admit, that was my first impression, but after taking a little bit of time to browse through the different categories / sections, you soon realize that the course is very well organized.

It would take too long to cover every single topic in the Kindling program. So here are a just few topics in the course that I found particularly relevant to me in regards to the level I was at.

How to write summary books

As explained in the course, summary books are not summaries of books, but rather summarized content on a subject written in your own words.

Branding yourself

The course takes you through each step of the branding process… your book’s cover, how to use social media, blogging, YouTube, and Author Central.

Promoting affiliate offers

Placing affiliate links in your books is not recommended. Kindling shows you how to promote your affiliate links without violating Amazon’s TOS.

A Sneak Look Inside The Membership Area

how to write a book using the kindling formula

Writing Summary Books

how to write a book as a summaryHow To Write A Book In The Fiction Genre

how to write a book in the fiction genre

What Does It Cost For The Kindling Training Course?

I believe if you’re serious about setting up profitable kindle publishing campaigns with a goal to creating a passive income, then the price of this course is irrelevant. That said, I know some people will immediately switch off when it comes to price, but if you truly want to improve and learn how to write books that people want to read, then at some stage you will more than likely need to depart with some of your hard earned cash.

FREE can take you so far, but it will never compete with professional advice and training. If you’re genuine about building a sustainable business model (because that’s what this whole kindle publishing thing is) then the money you invest in this course will definitely reap rewards down the track.

The cost of the Kindling Training Program (at this time) is $127 USD a one time only payment for lifetime access, plus a 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked.


I don’t know Geoff Shaw personally, but I do know that he lives in New Zealand and his style of teaching may come across to some as abrupt. He’s straight to the point, has a funny accent if you’re not a New Zealander, and occasionally his choice of words may offend some people. That said, he also comes across as genuine and trustworthy. His no frill style approach is very direct, but more importantly he focuses on the important steps that you need to take in order to build successful kindle publishing campaigns.

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