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What is ManageWP?

While beginners may start with just one website, most webmasters either own or manage dozens, if not hundreds of sites. Keeping track of everything and making sure they all run smoothly is not an easy task. It can be time consuming and takes away from time that could be spent creating new content.

ManageWP is a plugin that serves to manage multiple WordPress websites through a simple dashboard. For those who own or manage several websites, it is used as a time-saver, as it helps with site backups, upgrades and updates across a few or all of the sites. With the ability to add plugins and themes, and manage security updates, SEO reports, comments, categories, tags and traffic monitoring across multiple sites from one simple interface, it helps website owners and managers keep things organized and running efficiently. Once the webmaster adds the ManageWP worker plugin to each site, they can all be seen on the dashboard.


Simple to Use – With an interface that is very similar to WordPress, it should be intuitive to use. Every task can be done with the fewest number of clicks.

One-click Login – There is no need to remember multiple passwords to log into each site. You can access any of your websites by a single click through the plugin dashboard.

Easy Management and Upgrades – Installing common plugins and themes can be done in one step through the dashboard, thereby saving time and making it impossible to miss an essential installation. Similarly, upgrading to the latest version of WordPress for all your sites can also be done in a single step.

Monitor Uptime – Regular uptime monitoring of all your sites can be done through the plugin. If any of them goes down, you’ll be alerted.

Get Notifications to Available Updates – You can receive notifications whenever a plugin, theme, WordPress or backup upgrade is available, so you can keep all your sites up to date.

Get Traffic Alerts – Whenever one of your sites gets a backlink or traffic spike, you’ll get an alert, which could help you find and create new business opportunities.

SEO Help and Analysis – The plugin includes SEO tools to help you with keyword research, analyse website health and ranking, show how specific keywords rank, and give you suggestions on how to optimize content.

Complete Site Backup – Every site and database can be backed up on a regular basis, and you can also set up the plugin to do this automatically at preset intervals. You have various storage location options to choose from.

Deployment of Websites – You can create templates for websites that you can use to create any number of new ones. You can also clone an entire site or parts of it to save time, and then focus on just creating new content. If you want to switch hosts, you can migrate all your sites in one go.

Content Management – Manage or add one or more posts, comments or links through the dashboard without having to log into each site.

Security – All websites and data are secured through the latest security technology and encryption, while also protecting them from viruses and malware.


Pricing and Plans:

Not all features listed above are available with every plan. ManageWP offers three main pricing plans called “Standard”, “Professional” and “Business”. They also offer an “Enterprise” plan meant for large corporations and must be self hosted. The lowest plan is free, but can only manage up to five websites. This is a good way to test the plugin for its most basic functions before upgrading to a paid plan. Depending on the number of websites you want to manage, the Standard plan starts from less than $7 per month, and can be upgraded to higher priced plans, either for more websites or for added features.


While those who manage just a few websites won’t find this plugin particularly useful, webmasters handling dozens or more sites will be able to utilize most of the features that the the plugin provides. Once you set it up and add all your websites to the dashboard, it does save time. In addition, the reasonable price plans are easily scalable for when you create more websites or need more management tools.

So, it looks like the ManageWP plugin is worth a try by at least signing up for a free plan to give it a trial run or taking a demo run that’s available through the company’ website.

Click here to give ManageWP a trial run

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