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Amazon Makes Changes To T-Shirt Platform

Amazon has introduced several key changes to their t-shirt design platform “Merch by Amazon” that effects new and existing account holders. I suspect there will be more changes to come as “Merch by Amazon” is still relatively new.

By Invitation Only

Speaks for itself really. Opening a Merch account is now by invitation only. I’m not sure exactly how the process works because I was fortunate enough to get on board before Amazon introduced this requirement.

Basically, their instructions require that you fill out an invitation request and then wait in line for Amazon to approve your request.

Tier Levels

The tier structure looks like this:

  • 25
  • 100
  • 500
  • Pro (by invitation)

Amazons reason for introducing the tier level structure is so they can provide the best experience for customers of Merch t-shirt creators, by limiting the number of t-shirts designers can create.

They also state that t-shirt creators will be hand-selected from those who have sold the same amount of t-shirts as the tier number they are in.

For example – to move up from the 25 tier level, you will need to sell at least 25 shirts from the ones you have created, in order to advance to the 100 tier level. Also, the number of sales and quality of your shirts are factors they consider in their decision to allow you to move to the next tier.

Deleting A T-Shirt

Previously it wasn’t a simple case of selecting a t-shirt you wanted to get rid of and clicking the delete tab. Now, thankfully Amazon has made it that you can do exactly that. What’s even better though… your deleted t-shirt is now subtracted from your tier level, whereas before it wasn’t.

For example – if you have a total of 15 shirts created and you decide to delete 3 of them this is deducted from your 15 live t-shirts. So you end up with 12 live t-shirts.

Amazon Limits Color Selection

merch by amazon teePreviously, you were able to select all the colors available for your t-shirt. Now, you are limited to a maximum of 5 color choices. Amazon recommends choosing no more than 3 colors, which I tend to agree with. Sometimes, too many options may have the effect of people becoming undecided and some designs don’t look good in certain colors.

My Earnings So Far

I’ve learned a few things about the t-shirt industry since starting out with “Merch by Amazon” Putting some time into keyword selection, marketing and split testing different prices are important. Below is what I’ve sold between Dec 1 – Dec 23 in 2015.


I think the way Amazon is introducing requirements that regulate the number of t-shirt creators can upload is a good thing. Otherwise it will quickly become saturated with copy-cats and rubbish designs.






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