The Ultimate eBook Creator – A Real User Review

Whether you’re new to self-publishing or an established indie author. Creating a properly formatted eBook, can be time consuming and frustrating. The Ultimate eBook Creator will save you time and take away the guess work when it comes to formatting.

As a self-publishing author your primary focus should be, to write. Once your book is finished you should have it edited/proof read. The final step is to make sure it is properly formatted, before uploading your novel to the likes of KDP Select or CreateSpace You can do the last step yourself if you’re confident with all the aspects of formatting. Or you can outsource the whole task and pay someone to do it for you. Either way it will involve time or money… or both.

The Ultimate eBook Creator is a software tool designed specifically for self-publishing authors and is one of the best tools on the market to date.

Why Do You Need The Ultimate eBook Creator?

If you’re happy using MS Word for example, you don’t need the Ultimate eBook Creator.  On the flip side, UEC gives you the ability to create properly formatted books that can be converted into the accepted files, like Mobi, ePub or PDF. Remember your primary focus is to write. The Ultimate eBook Creator will take care of all the other technical matters.

So What Is The Ultimate eBook Creator?

Simply put, this eBook Creator takes away all the complexities of formatting your book. It does this by generating clean XHTML code, where other software programs will convert MS Word documents with all the messy code still attached, which results in your eBook looking terrible. I have been using the Ultimate eBook Creator for quite sometime now. It’s become my “Go to tool” for all my kindle publishing campaigns.

See example below of the main interface

automated software on how to self publish a book

Main Features Of The Ultimate eBook Creator:

-Built in Professional WYSIWYG Editor
-MS Word Conversion Tool
-eBook File Generator, convert to Mobi, ePub or PDF format
-Photoshop Quality Image Optimizer
-Professional Writers Studio System

The Man Behind The Ultimate eBook Creator?

The person behind UEC is a guy called Nitin Mistry. The few occasions I’ve had dealing with Nitin, I’ve found him to be sincere. He seems very passionate about providing and maintaining a quality product and regularly seeks input from UEC users.

The tool itself is very slick and sports a super clean interface, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The Ultimate eBook Creator incorporates a ton of features, literally too many to discuss in this article. If you’re serious about getting into self-publishing the Ultimate eBook Creator is definitely worth taking a look at. There’s a lot of stuff covered on the official sales page, and it’s worth taking a bit of time to see how some of the features work before deciding if the Ultimate eBook Creator is for you.

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I became interested in the whole kindle publishing frenzy some time ago, but only decided to get serious about it last year. It seemed like a great option to diversify my online business and I had always wanted to give it shot anyway. I published my first 36 page non fiction book at the end of October 2013.

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