How to Select a Profitable Niche for Your Blog

Start your blog with the goals of enjoying the ride and earning money on the side. The first step is to choose your niche and do so with your long-term plans in mind. You may not want to abandon your site two months down the road because you have already lost interest in your chosen topic.

Here are some things to keep in mind while you narrow down your choices of blog topics.

Select a niche that can be used to offer transformation

Ever wonder why many weight-loss products still sell even if the market is already saturated with one diet miracle after another? It is the same thing for muscle-building and male enhancement products. Those products have one thing in common: they offer transformation—the glaring “before” and “after” that you tout on your blog has a powerful appeal to many people.

Online businesses that use this model, especially if the results are well presented and look credible, remain competitive for a long time.

Select a niche that is not too general

The more specific your niche, the better the chances of your blog becoming an authority site. Plus, with a niche blog, you can easily establish a loyal following receptive to sales offers, though the following may be relatively small compared to what you will get if you blog about much broader hot topics.

For instance, child nutrition is too broad for a topic, although many child-nutrition blogs can still generate considerable traffic. Instead of child nutrition, think of “probiotics for kids” or “how to turn picky eaters into healthy eaters.”

choosing a niche for your blog


Strike a balance between what you like to write about and what sells

Decide on your monetization strategy while you are formulating the best possible blog topic. These considerations must come hand in hand.

Do your research. Do not simply jump on the bandwagon of hammering away at a dating-advice blog if you are not interested in writing about that topic for a long period of time. Objectively evaluate yourself and your strengths: are you knowledgeable enough to completely broach your blog’s subject once or twice a week? Do you think you can write about the said topic regularly?

If the answer is yes, then consider if the topic sells or not

  • Are there affiliate products that you can join that tie up with your blog’s topic?
  • If you have your own product to promote (or planning to promote), is your chosen topic a relevant and powerful way to establish a viable consumer base?
  • How do you plan to monetize your blog?
  • Will you do a membership program of some sort where you provide free information while offering your “trade secrets” to paying subscribers?
  • Will you be resorting to sponsored ads, paid product reviews, or affiliate marketing schemes to earn money?

Make a compromise between the topic’s commercial value and your level of interest and know-how. That’s usually what makes for a profitable and interesting blog niche.



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  1. The ever-elusive goal of passive income! I’ve been really trying my best at finding niche words and phrases. Each campaign I get a little closer and learn a little more. Thanks for this article – I think the real trick is never giving up! You’ll get there!

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