How To Download & Install Free Fonts For T-Shirt Designs

The t-shirt business is super competitive. If you’re just starting out, it can be a little bit overwhelming in regards to figuring out where to start and deciding what type of t-shirt you should design. Text based t-shirt’s are the best to begin with.

A. Less hassle with copyright issues

B. They’re simple to create

Here’s a great way to download free, professional looking fonts that you can use to create your designs.

Step 1: Cooltext

There are plenty of sites that allow you to download free fonts, but for this example I’m going to go to a website called Once there, hover over the “Fonts” tab at the top of the page and a drop-down menu with a list of font categories appears. In this example I’m going to select the “Movies and TV” category.


Next: Click on the “Movies and TV” category and the page below appears. I’m going to select the “Batmanforever” font.


Next: After selecting the “Batmanforever” font you come to this page (see below)

font types

Step 2: Creating A Folder

Before you click the download link you want to create a folder on your desk top where you can put the downloaded zip file. So, I created a new folder and named it “Batman”. Now we can click on the download Batman link and a property box should open like the one below.


Next: Make sure you select “Save File” then click “OK” you will then get asked where you want to save the zip file… navigate to the new folder you created and select that. Once the zip file has downloaded unzip the file and you will see the “Batman” file (see below)

zip files

Step 3: Pasting File Into Font Data Base

I have Windows 8.1 so, to navigate to the font data base use short keys “Windows+x” when the property box appears select “Control panel” and you will come to this page (see below)

control panel

Next: Click on the “Fonts” link and you will now be taken to this page (see below) Go back to where your “Batman” file is and copy the file (True Type Font) then come back to the font data base and paste the file anywhere in the white areas and your new font will automatically load.

font data base

Designing A T-Shirt Using Your New Font

I use a software tool called “The Creator7” (Formerly The Logo Creator) to do most of my t-shirt designs. So I opened “The Creator” and designed a simple text based t-shirt then selected the new “Batmanforever” font I installed (see below) NB: If you opened a word doc and selected the font drop-down menu, you would see the new font already installed.

the creator

This was the final design (see below)

logo creator

Finally I exported my design to my desk top, ready for me to upload to “Merch by Amazon”

png file

I uploaded my design to Amazon.

t-shirt design

I then went to a website called and created a mock-up (free) for my design… That’s it!










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