How To Download & Install Free Fonts For T-Shirt Designs

The t-shirt business is super competitive. If you’re just starting out, it can be a little bit overwhelming in regards to figuring out where to start and deciding what type of t-shirt you should design. Text based t-shirt’s are the best to begin with.

A. Less hassle with copyright issues

B. They’re simple to create

Here’s a great way to download free, professional looking fonts that you can use to create your designs. Continue reading How To Download & Install Free Fonts For T-Shirt Designs

Merch by Amazon – Step by Step

Texas trucker capAmazons new advertising platform “Merch by Amazon” is the retailing giants move into the mobile gaming market. With the success of companies like TeeSprings and CafePress, Amazon has cleverly targeted the t-shirt niche by not only offering its customers a print-on-demand service, but allowing sellers to get paid per t-shirt. So, if you sell one t-shirt you get paid… no minimum number of tees to sell before you get your commission.

Who Can Use Merch By Amazon?

Predominately aimed at gaming app developers, Merch by Amazon is not just limited to them. Anyone can set up an account, upload their designs and Amazon will produce, sell and ship your product.

Ready Made Templates

biker t shirtAmazon also provides ready made templates that you can download and use with either Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or the free Gimp tool. The templates are set by default to the maximum required size that your t-shirt design must fall within.

Required Specs:

Fall within 4500 pixels x 5400 pixels with 300 dpi and your saved image must be in a transparent png format. NOT jpg

5 Steps To Creating Your T-Shirt On Merch by Amazon

Once you’ve created your account you are now ready to upload your t-shirt design. When you hit the create tab you will be presented with a screen like the one below.

Step 1

uploading a t-shirt


Step 2

front design

Step 3

build t-shirt

Step 4

t-shirt details

Step 5

review t-shirt details

Congratulations your t-shirt has been successfully created

t-shirt has been created

Once your t-shirt has gone live you can grab the link to the sales page and begin promoting your Tee.

biker t shirts