5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Deciding what are the best WordPress Plugins to install on your new WordPress blog, can be like walking through a minefield. Especially if you’re a newbie and just starting out with the whole WordPress thing. I literally spent weeks (more like months) deciding what were the best ones to install initially, and then even more time trying to work out (in some cases) how to configure the dam things.

Below are 5 excellent WordPress Plugins that have one main thing in common “simplicity”.

wordpress plugins zencache





ZenCache – Speed up your site with this advanced WordPress caching plugin. ZenCache takes a real-time snapshot (building a cache) of every Page, Post, Category, Link, etc. These snapshots are then cached intuitively, so they can be referenced later. ZenCache is designed with pure simplicity in mind and is one of those plugins that you absolutely MUST have.

wordpress plugins wordpress seo





WordPress SEO – Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin checks the little things that you inevitably miss. For instance, if you have images in your post and whether they have an alt tag containing your keyword for that post. It also checks whether your posts are long enough. It comes with it’s own built in XML sitemap functionality that automatically creates XML sitemaps and notifies Google & Bing of the sitemaps existence.

wordpress plugins antispam bee





Antispam Bee – Is one of the biggest Akismet competitors in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. It’s a great alternative to Akismet as the freely available plugin uses many different techniques to identify spam messages. Antispam Bee has almost 1 million downloads so far.

wordpress plugins google analyticator





Google Analyticator – Has been out since 2005. Ever since its introduction it has grown and developed. There’s no need to waste time setting up Google Analytics using JavaScript code as the plugin automatically adds the necessary code itself. This plugin can handle everything to do with Google Analytics and currently has a reported 3 million plus downloads.

wordpress plugins contact form 7





Contact Form 7 – When it comes to adding a basic contact form to your website, Contact Form 7 is hard to beat. It’s one of the most popular plugins for WordPress; with a reported 23 million plus downloads. You can manage multiple contact forms as well as customize the form. Tip: Really Simple Captcha is a great plugin to use in conjunction with Contact Form 7


How To Build A Successful WordPress Membership Site

There are a lot of different plugins available to convert a WordPress blog into a full-fledged membership site. Some are free, some you have to pay for; and they all offer different functions and features. It can be quite difficult deciding which is the right one, hopefully this article will help you sort it out.

There are two ways you can go when you are first starting a membership site, and the path you follow may depend on your budget. Free WP plugins for WordPress do not have all the bells and whistles the paid plugins do, but they can do just as well when you first set up shop. Continue reading How To Build A Successful WordPress Membership Site