Writing A Book? Grab Your Reader’s Attention

writing techniquesAside from writing a book with great content and choosing a profitable niche, there are several other ways to maximize your chance’s of making your book stand out.

The title and cover are the first things people will notice about your book. So you want to create buy-worthy titles and covers that grab your readers’ attention.

Writing A Book Title

The title should have these characteristics:

  • Evoke curiosity so that people will want to click just to find out what the book is about.
  • Highlight the benefits so people know how it will help them such as How to… 5 Ways to… or Find out How…
  • Stir emotion. Your title should evoke some form of emotion – excitement, fear, hope. etc.
  • Catch the reader’s eye and be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Voice easily. The title should contain words that are easy to pronounce and remember.

Your book should actually deliver what the title says.

The Book Cover

The cover is the first thing that draws the eye. The cover should have an element that grabs attention – the color, the text, the design, or something else.

A cover should also:

  • Be clearly recognized as a thumbnail.
  • Make the reader feel something instead of telling them something.
  • Know who your audience is.
  • Avoid cliché images like piggy-banks, dollar signs, or skinny models.

Writing A Book Description

Book descriptions that sell:


  • Give a hint about the plot.
  • Use words that evoke images and speak to your audience.
  • Talk briefly about your main characters.
  • Give an idea of the plot setting.
  • List a question or hint at the mystery to be solved or answered that draws the reader in.
  • Over-emphasize, magnify, or exaggerate the plot.
  • Give quotes about the book from reviews.
  • The length should be around 150 words, excluding author bio.
  • Include an about the author blurb.


  • Make the first sentence a standout headline that quickly compels them to read the rest of the description.
  • Make it personal. Explain clearly, why someone interested in the topic must read your book.
  • Describe how the book will benefit the reader after putting the tips to use.
    Give detailed benefits of what the reader will get from the book.

If you are having trouble writing a book description, write it as if you were reviewing someone else’s book.