Change Is A Good Thing

Whenever anything changes there’s always a bunch of people who go into panic mode. When Amazon announced they were changing how Kindle Unlimited payments were to be paid all hell broke loose. People in the forums spent days talking about it to the detriment of their writing. Some wondered whether they should write longer books and others thought they should write shorter books. Some wanted to change all their plans even though they didn’t have all the information to make a decision.

Some people simply don’t like change and some embrace change, because with every change comes opportunity. I was pleased to see that Amazon has FINALLY sorted out how they will be paying people for their KU books.

Good books will make money and the rubbish will disappear because it won’t give the rubbish-makers the income they have managed to steal from genuine writers so far. When the junk disappears the good stuff will have an easier rise to the top – and it will stay there longer. Good stuff, meaning any story that is well written, well presented and gives the readers what they want… entertainment.

Good stuff means… long books, short books, medium length books. Length doesn’t matter because you will be getting paid on what the reader reads. Don’t get caught up in the NOISE that is distracting you from getting your quality books published and available for the readers who won’t have to sift through the junk that has been distracting them from you.

Tips For The Writer

  • Try not to edit and revise as you go
  • Allow time to pass before revising
  • Ask yourself what the reader cares about